Making all things new

My daughter Kendra has a contagious heart for the Lord Jesus and an unwavering commitment to love and minister to others on His behalf. She has a special style in capturing the complexity of life challenges and spiritual hope with vivid expressions of her walk with the Lord.

I asked if I could post her thoughts on our ALIVE Ministries blog. As you know, the acronym for A.L.I.V.E. is Always Living In View of Eternity. Her thoughts bring the teaching concept into the realities of day to day living.  Dr. Ken

Kendra writes:

Asking for MORE of Him in 2018! Thought I would share my impressions from my quiet time this morning…

I saw Jesus shaking out a long, shimmery tapestry, almost rippling  out through His hands but running through eternity.

I heard him say to “shake things off”, in the picture of eternity, we need to just let some things go. He said to trust me for the bigger eternal perspective. It’s all about the inner things that I am weaving in, even when you don’t see how. Press on to know Me more! I will not disappoint you. You are my beloved, my chosen. You are accepted. You are always invited. Wrap up in my love this year. Just sit in the presence of my love and let it seep down to your innermost parts. Stop looking back thinking that the road behind you will give you directions for the road ahead. This is a new path. I’m making all things NEW!

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